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‘What a joke’: New vax ad slammed -

The government’s new vaccination ad campaign, which is targeted at youth, has received a heated response on social media.

The joyous moment of finally being reunited with family.

The fabulous freedom of being able to travel the world again, including road trips with friends.

Rocking out at concerts, enjoying a few beers with mates and attending the weddings of loved ones and friends.

The government has appealed to the emotions of young Australians in its new phase of Covid-19 vaccination ads, by promising that people will be able to do the things they enjoy again once they get the jab.

The new campaign, titled “First thing’s first”, has aired on Sunday and is a reminder for the public that getting vaccinated is the first thing they need to do.

It’s mainly targeted towards youth, coinciding with news all Australians aged over 12 will be able to book their vaccinations from Monday.

“What will you do first?” one of the ads ask.

“Before we can do the thing we want to do there’s something we all need to do first.”

It’s a far cry from the tone of the first phase of the campaign back in July, which showed a terrified young woman struggling to breathe on a ventilator that sparked outrage.

Meanwhile, another one of the new ads is aimed at those Australians who aren’t in lockdown and aims to get them jabbed to avoid restrictions in the future.

“The things we love are worth holding tight,” the ad says.

Minister for Health and Aged Care Greg Hunt shared the ad on Twitter, saying: “With the arrival of millions more vaccines, easier access through an expanded network of GPs and pharmacists, and opening up the vaccination program to everyone aged over 12, there are multiple opportunities to be vaccinated.”

However it has received a mixed response, with some saying it’s too late and others sharing their anger at the government’s handling of the vaccination program.

“Eight months too late,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another said: “Can you feel Australians’ rage at your failure and delays? We need not be in lockdown if you’d organised vaccination.

“We were at Covid Zero because the people did their bit!”

A third wrote: “First things first? Now? Perhaps if you’d have done the first thing first and get vaccines things might have been different. What a joke.”

The ads are part of a $50 million push to boost the vaccination rate through 2022.

“The campaign has two key themes,” Mr Hunt said in a press release. “To speak to those who have been living in areas of lockdown and are looking forward to our first tastes of freedom again, and to those who are already enjoying the things we love to get vaccinated in order to keep them without the risk of lockdowns.

“It mobilises all Australians to make the decision to get vaccinated. It particularly speaks to a younger age group.”

According to recent research, 81 per cent of people say they will be or intend to be vaccinated.

To date, more than 66 per cent of the Australian population aged 16 and over has had at least one vaccine dose, and more than 22 million doses have been administered across the country.

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