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Suspected anti-vax nurse accused of delivering thousands of fake jabs -

A nurse suspected of being an anti-vaxxer has been accused of enabling thousands of fake jabs to be injected into arms.

Rather than receiving a Covid-19 vaccine, around 8600 Germans may have been given a dose of saline solution instead, it’s been claimed.

Authorities have said that the nurse was “motivated to oppose the vaccination”.

A local politician said he was “totally shocked” at the alleged incident.

Between March and April this year, the Red Cross nurse is said to have doctored thousands of shots at a mass jab centre in the town of Roffhausen, near Bremen in the Friesland region of northern Germany.

While managing the preparation of vaccines and syringes at the local vaccination centre, the nurse is alleged to have discarded the vaccine solution from the vials and replaced it with saline which would then have been administered to those wanting the shot.

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“Today I had the sad duty to inform around 8600 potentially affected people that it cannot be ruled out they may have received saline instead of their vaccination at their vaccination appointment,” Friesland district administrator Sven Ambrosy said in a Facebook post.

“I’m totally shocked by the incident,” he said.

Anyone who received a shot at the Roffhausen vaccination centre between March 3 and April 20 is being urged to call local authorities to see if they need a new shot.

According to website Euronews, local police found anti-vaccination views on the nurse’s phone including in her WhatsApp messages.

“The investigations of the police have shown the person was motivated to oppose the vaccination,” said Claudia Schröder, deputy head of the coronavirus team in Lower Saxony, the German state where Friesland is located.

“Since she remains silent with police, we do not know whether and to what extent she was manipulated during this period.

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“We do not know many people were specifically affected, and we are talking here about a period of seven weeks, so it is also a large number of people who come into consideration,” Ms Schröder was quoted as saying in CNN.

Saline solution is not harmful. However it also offers no protection against Covid-19.

Currently, just shy of 56 per cent of German are fully vaccinated.

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