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Awkward moment mum intercepts son’s proposal to girlfriend -

A man has shared a video of the awkward moment his mother intercepted his wedding proposal to his girlfriend, yelling “No!”.

In the viral TikTok video, which has racked up more than 9.5 million views, the US man who goes by the name ‘Cat Dad’, can be seen with his girlfriend overlooking a picturesque open field.

He reaches for the ring box in his pocket while his girlfriend stands on a ledge above him.

But as he gets ready to pop the question, his mother could be heard saying; “No, no, no”.

He then puts the ring box in his pocket and walks towards his family.

“To the girl I was going to propose to, but my mum put a stop to it …” he wrote on the video.

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He also explained that his dad “didn’t know what to do, so he just kept recording”.

However, while at first it appears she may disapprove of his proposal, she later yells “get down” to his girlfriend who was standing on the wall, perhaps concerned with her safety.

However, despite this, thousands of people since weighed in on the ‘proposal fail’ with some leaving brutal comments, saying his girlfriend “dodged a controlling MIL”.

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“She got lucky then. Who wants to marry someone that lets mom pick out their wife?” one person wrote.

“Wow, a man who can’t make his own decisions and listens to his mommy … she fr dodged a bullet. Hope he finds someone who treat her good.”

Another clip shows his mother reacting to the comments, where she can be heard laughing and saying how mean the comments are — insinuating the entire video was a bit of a joke.

He shared a follow-up video, assuring TikTok users that he did in fact, propose to his girlfriend … and she said yes. They’re also now married.

“So I didn’t propose at that moment for obvious reasons,” he said

“But she didn’t get too lucky, and to commemorate the moment, we ended up taking our engagement photos on the wall.”

He never explained why his mother had an issue with the proposal spot, but the family had a good laugh about it, even if TikTok users didn’t see the funny side of it.

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