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Angry builder wrecks apartment block over $8m developer dispute -

A rogue builder caused almost a million dollars worth of damage to a property by ploughing his digger into a set of swanky new build apartments.

Shocking footage shows the moment the contractor rams the machine into the set of apartments following a furious row with the developer, who allegedly owed him $8 million.

A clip shows the digger repeatedly smashing into the balconies of the apartments at 7.30pm on Wednesday in Blumberg, South Germany.

Police cordoned off the area amid fears the digger may have done damage to the building’s gas containers.

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Horrified onlookers watched as the builder fled the scene in his car after leaving a trail of destruction. He later turned himself in to police.

There was no one inside the building or any reports of casualties.

Cops estimate the damage to the property will cost some $795,000 to repair.

The dispute is said to have arisen as the property developer owed almost $8 million to the builder, who had done work on the property.

Eyewitnesses told German newspaper Schwarzwuelder Bote that the destruction had only stopped because the digger’s hydraulic hose broke.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission

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