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Live updates: Chinese Communist Party 100th year anniversary kicks off with President Xi Jinping speech - ABC News

Remembering the Tibetans who have been killed

Tibetan activist Tenzin Khangsar, who works as an interpreter in Australia, said he has heard testimony from several political prisoners seeking refuge from the Chinese Communist Party.
Chinese troops invaded Tibet in 1950 and formally incorporated the region into its territory the following year.

Beijing called it “peaceful liberation” but a resistance movement against Chinese rule saw thousands of people reportedly killed.

Around 80,000 people fled, including the Dalai Lama. 

“We have suffered immensely under the communist regime,” Mr Khangsar said.

“China approves repressive laws, politically, culturally, religiously and [causing] environmental destruction, hence the desperation [many of us] face in asking the international community to do something for Tibet.

“So this 100 years of the Chinese Communist Party for us, it's about [remembering] many Tibetans [who’ve been killed].” 

Reporting by Tasha Wibawa

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