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Live updates: Chinese Communist Party 100th year anniversary kicks off with President Xi Jinping speech - ABC News

CCP releases dozens of propaganda films and TV shows — but not all have gone down well

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China has recently released more than 10 films and 50 TV dramas which celebrate the party's birthday — but not all of them have been welcomed by audiences.
An upcoming propaganda movie, 1921, features the founding history of the CCP, but has faced backlash from Chinese nationalist audiences because of the casting of Mao Zedong. 

“Xujia Yan shouldn’t act as [Mao Zedong]. It was a humiliation for [Mao],” one netizen on Weibo said.    

Despite more than $11 million in ticket presales, many say that allowing Mr Yan to play Mao Zedong makes a mockery of the CCP leader. 
The backlash started after it was discovered that Xujia Yan, a rising and controversial C-pop idol, was having affairs while in a relationship. 
Dr Graeme Smith from the Australian National University said 1921 was one of the recent examples of young Chinese actors being used to promote propaganda among young audiences. 

“All media produced by the government is about telling a certain story about how history unfolded,” said Dr Smith, explaining the CCP’s long history of producing propaganda movies. 
“So that's why they love the movie format, in particular, because rather than sort of turgid things like textbooks, this is a great way to sell a version of history to your population.”

Reporting by Wing Kuang

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