Rabu, 30 Juni 2021

Live updates: Chinese Communist Party 100th year anniversary kicks off with President Xi Jinping speech - ABC News

Not every Chinese Australian is celebrating today

Ramila Chanisheff, an ethnic Uyghur, moved to Australia as a young child with her family after the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

“I've lived [in China], and my parents have lived there, so they know, we know, that everything that comes out of the Communist Party's propaganda is that everybody's living a happy life. And that is not the case,” she said.

“And the Uyghurs, who have suffered, and the Tibetans who have suffered within the past 100 years, are certainly not celebrating and are totally frustrated, angry and upset with these clamorous ways of showcasing what [the CCP] has achieved.”

An estimated 1 million people or more — most of them Uyghurs — have been confined in re-education camps in China's western Xinjiang region in recent years.

Chinese authorities have been accused of genocide, forced labour, systematic forced birth control and torture.

“So we're not happy, obviously. The [CCP] will never show the true side of what's happening on the land [of] its own citizens.”

Ms Chanisheff hasn’t heard from her family in Xinjiang in two years. 

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Reporting by Tasha Wibawa

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