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Sydney takes ‘pole position’ in rare super blood moon display - Sydney Morning Herald

Sydney stargazers were treated to some of the best views in the world of the rare super blood moon that lit up the night skies in prime time on Wednesday.

The event is a rare combination of a super moon - when the moon reaches its closest point to Earth in its orbit - and a total lunar eclipse. It will be years before we get to see one again.

The super blood moon seen from Avalon Beach.

The super blood moon seen from Avalon Beach.Credit:Nick Moir

By about 7.45pm, the shadow of the earth was seen creeping across the moon’s surface and by 9.11pm the entire surface was due to be covered, known as the totality.

It was then the moon could be seen in the night sky glowing red.

The peak viewing time was in a relatively short window - predicted to be about 9.11 until 9.25pm.

Super blood moon from Avalon Beach

Super blood moon from Avalon BeachCredit:Nick Moir

Australia’s astronomer at large Fred Watson said Sydney was one of the best vantage spots in the world to watch the prime-time event unfold.

“Really we were in pole position,” he said.

“Most of the eastern hemisphere of the earth will have seen tonight’s eclipse but we had the best view basically because the moon is higher in the sky.”


Dr Watson, who watched the super blood moon from Terrey Hills reserve in Sydney’s north surrounded by a sea of amateur telescopes, was heartened by the public’s fascination in the event.

“It shows there is still that interest out there in what’s happening in the sky,” he said.

“I think that’s partly because of COVID-19. To have something that is nothing to do with us on planet Earth but something that the heavens do on their own.”

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