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Prince Philip dies aged 99: Follow live reaction from around the world - 9News

Mr Morrison continued: "As the Governor-General reminded us last night, he visited our country on more than 20 occasions.

"On board the HMS 'Ramali' in 1940 as a midshipman.

"In that crowning tour when he had joined the new Queen in great ceremony and great excitement here in Australia.

"But there were also moments of deep compassion, in particular in the terrible bushfires of 1967 in Tasmania, where he comforted the victims and he toured the burnt out Cascade Brewery.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip during the closing ceremony of the 12th Commonwealth Games, in Queen Brisbane, Australia, in 1982.

"There are many towering figures that the world has lost and known, but few have been before us in our lifetimes for such a long time.

"His presence and service are reassurance, a reminder of the stability we so often need in a world that can be so uncertain.

"With his passing we say farewell to another of the greatest generation.

"The generation that defied tyranny, that won at peace, and built a liberal world order that protects and favours freedom.

"An order that indeed Australia shelters under for our own peace and prosperity and stability to this day.

"But above all today, we think of our Queen.

"While your strength and stay, your Majesty, may not have passed, Jenny and I pray that you will find great comfort in your faith and your family at this time.

"But we also, your Majesty, say to you at a Commonwealth let us also now be your strength and stay as you continue to endure, as you continue to serve so loyally and so faithfully, as you have done over so many generations.

"She has been there for us over such a long time.

"Let us be there now for you, your Majesty, and allow us to send our love to you on this, I am sure, one of your most sad of days.

"I am sure her prince would join me in saying, God save our gracious Queen. Long live our noble Queen. God save our Queen."

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