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Investigations underway after two NSW men die after getting COVID jab -

Two men have died just days after receiving the coronavirus vaccine, leaving family absolutely devastated.

A “fit and healthy” 55-year-old man from Tamworth died in hospital last week about a week after rolling up his sleeve.

There has been no confirmed link between the vaccine and his death but health authorities are racing to determine how he died.

According to The Northern Daily Leader, the man’s family described him as “fit and healthy”. He died in hospital on April 21, eight days after getting jabbed.

A family member told the local paper staff at the hospital said the man had suffered a massive blood clot in his lungs. He had reportedly collapsed while running errands.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) said it was aware of the case but no link between his death and the vaccine had yet been established.

It is believed an autopsy indicated he did not have any pre-existing heart or lung conditions. It is unclear what brand of vaccine he was given.

“The reporting of an adverse event to TGA post vaccination does not mean the event was caused by the vaccination,” the TGA said in a statement.

“All reports to the TGA of death following vaccination are reviewed to assess the likelihood that the vaccine contributed to the event or medical condition that led to a fatal outcome.”

A review will be undertaken by experts who will look into the patient’s medical history including risk factors and medications.

The family member who spoke to the local paper said they did not blame the vaccine but were shocked.

Meanwhile, a 71-year-old Sydney man has also died after getting the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine.

According to 7 News, the man had several underlying health conditions and there’s no evidence his death is linked to the vaccine at this stage.

Health officials will now examine the circumstances around his death before passing on findings to the TGA.

NSW Health released a statement which said it does not discuss or speculate on individual cases.

“An adverse event following immunisation is any untoward medical event that occurs after a vaccination has been given, which may be related to the vaccine,” the department said.

“A conclusion regarding a causal relationship with the vaccine is not necessary to suspect or report an adverse event.”

The state’s health department said it is notified when an adverse reaction occurs which it will investigate before passing on findings.

“NSW Health investigates these events and refers its expert panel findings to the TGA, which is responsible for assessing causality,” the statement said.

“Many conditions can arise during normal life, whether or not a vaccine is administered, but it remains important to report any new serious or unexpected events so that safety can be appropriately monitored.”

Paul Griffin, infectious diseases physician and microbiologist at the University of Queensland, said it was likely the men’s deaths were coincidental.

“Right now we need to respect the patients and the family’s confidentiality … most of the time these sort of events will simply be a coincidence,” he told Sunrise.

“We have vaccinated a large amount of the population and these events happen in a population all the time.”

However he said it was essential this incidents are investigated thoroughly.

“But on the whole, the vast majority will be shown to be a coincidence so we need to be really careful with jumping to conclusions,” Dr Griffin said.

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