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FedEx gunman Brandon Scott Hole: Authorities release photo of Indianapolis gunman -

A pimply-faced teenager who once worked for FedEx is the gunman who carried out the FedEx Indianapolis massacre, killing eight.

It marks the latest in a string of recent mass shootings across the US by lone male shooters.

19-year-old Brandon Scott Hole opened fire with a rifle around 11pm local time on Thursday at a major FedEx processing plant near Indianapolis airport, randomly shooting in the car park, where he killed four people.

He then entered the building and continued shooting, killing a further four people and then killing himself shortly thereafter.

As well as the eight people confirmed dead, around 60 people were evaluated for injuries, with ten taken to hospital and at least 20 treated for wounds.

Indianapolis Police Chief Randal Taylor said a “significant” number of employees at the facility were members of the Sikh community.

He said Mr Hole was a former FedEx employee, and last worked for the company in 2020 when he was also listed as dangerous and armed.

Police confiscated a gun and took the teenager into custody last year after he reportedly had “suicidal ideation”.

“In March 2020, the suspect’s mother contacted law enforcement to report he might try to commit ‘suicide by cop’,” FBI Indianapolis Special Agent in Charge Paul Keenan said.

“The suspect was placed on an immediate detention mental health temporary hold by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. A shotgun was seized at his residence.”

Police also seized desktop computers and other electronic devices from the North Huber Street, Indianapolis residence located in a neighbourhood near Indiana’s Interstate 465.

Following the shooting, the families of workers at the FedEx facility had an agonising wait to find out if their relatives were among the dead and injured.

Most employees are not allowed to carry mobile phones inside the FedEx building’s dock and package sorting areas to “support safety protocols and minimise potential distractions.”

The US Sikh Coalition issued a statement saying it was “deeply saddened to learn” that Sikh community members – among 8000 Sikh Americans who live in Indiana – were wounded and killed.

The coalition, which identifies itself as the largest Sikh civil rights organisation in the US, said authorities must “conduct a full investigation – including the possibility of bias as a factor.”

Hole was interviewed by the FBI in April last year based on items observed in his bedroom after his arrest.

Police said “no Racially Motivated Violent Extremism (RMVE) ideology” was identified, however “the shotgun was not returned to the suspect”.

The FBI’s Paul Keenan said agents did not identify Hole as espousing a racially motivated ideology.

Police “did not yet know the motive behind the shooting” and it was “too early to speculate”.

But Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Deputy Chief Craig McCartt briefly outlined Hole’s movements.

The shooter arrived at the FedEx Ground-Plainfield Operations Center on Indianapolis’s southwest side some time before 11pm on Thursday.

“What we did find preliminarily from the interviews that were conducted was that, you know, this suspect came to the facility,” Chief McCartt said.

“And when he came there, he got out of his car and pretty quickly started some random shooting outside the facility.

“There was no confrontation with anyone that was there. There was no disturbance. There was no argument.

“He just appeared to randomly start shooting.

“And that began in the parking lot and then he did go into the building, into the facility, for a brief period of time before he took his own life.”

Officers responded just after 11pm and arrived to a “chaotic and active” crime scene, Chief McCartt said.

It’s unclear whether Mr Hole quit or was terminated from his job last year at FedEx.

At least 100 people were inside the facility at the time of the shooting, but it employs more than 4500 people and is the company’s second largest hub in the world.

Employees inside the building said they saw the gunman pass just metres away from where they were hiding.

The FedEx massacre is the third mass shooting this year in Indianapolis.

Five people, including a pregnant woman, were shot and killed in the city in January.

In March, a man was accused of killing three adults and a child before abducting his daughter during a family argument.

In the same month, eight people were fatally shot at massage businesses in Atlanta, and ten people were shot and killed at a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado.

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