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US woman shocked to see sharks in a tank on highway in Baltimore - 9News

A woman driving on a highway in the US has been shocked to see sharks swimming in the lane next to her.

Social media user Julie Kang was driving in Maryland, Baltimore when she spotted sharks swimming in a specially-designed transportation tank.

Through a small glass viewing window the sharks can be seen circling the tank, which was strapped down to the back of a truck.

A shark peeking through the glass window of the tank in the US. (Julie_anne52)

Ms Kang posted the video to her social media accounts where they have since racked up almost six million views.

"Things you don't see on the highway everyday," she wrote.

Many of her followers were split on whether the video was real, with others questioning the health of the sharks in the small-sized tank.

"Sharks don't survive for long in captivity hopefully they won't be confined for too long," wrote one follower.

"This stretch of highway is about 3 miles from the aquarium where they're headed, likely to be rehabilitated. It's an awesome place," wrote another.

The biggest sharks caught, tagged and studied around the world

Baltimore is home to the National Aquarium in Maryland, which houses 20,000 fish, birds, amphibians, reptiles and marine mammals.

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