Rabu, 10 Maret 2021

The Prince Harry and Meghan Markle 'circus' has 'hit a nerve with many people' - Sky News Australia

The ”woke warrior” Prince Harry and his wife “the actress who wanted to be a princess” have done a terrible thing to their family amid their recent Oprah interview, according to Sky News host Chris Kenny. “Look the fall out continues from the big interview with the woke warrior formerly known as a prince, and his wife the actress who wanted to be a princess,” Mr Kenny said. “It has done what they intended to do, I suppose, that interview ... I guess that is get lots of attention. “But it's a terrible thing they've done to their family, and over not much, not much at all really”. Mr Kenny’s comments come after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex made a series of bombshell claims during the recent tell-all interview. “Look, I'm opposed to any monarchy because I value merit and democracy over inheritance,” Mr Kenny said. “All the same this circus has hit a nerve with a lot of people because here are some of the most privileged people in the world claiming victim status. “Here are people whose only job is to be dignified, yet they cited 'The Crown,' a tv drama ... based on their family's lives, as some source for lessons about their real lives. “These were people who have done multi-million-dollar media deals, complaining about media intrusion. "And yes, they publicly aired some of the most personal minutiae of their family's lives, and they demanded privacy. “Lord help us, this is a horrible confection of privilege, unelected swill and celebrity culture,” Mr Kenny said.

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