Senin, 08 Maret 2021

Live news updates: Royals face 'racism' fallout from Meghan, Harry interview; Rape allegations continue to haunt government; Body of missing toddler found in Queensland dam - 9News

The judge overseeing the trial of a former Minneapolis police officer accused in the death of George Floyd paused jury selection for at least a day while an appeal proceeds over the possible reinstatement of a third-degree murder charge.

As hundreds of protesters gathered outside the courthouse to call for the conviction of Derek Chauvin, Judge Peter Cahill said he does not have jurisdiction to rule on whether the third-degree murder charge should be reinstated against the former officer while the issue is being appealed. But he said prosecutors' arguments that the whole case would be impacted were "tenuous."

George Floyd was killed on May 25 last year.

Judge Cahill planned to go ahead with the trial anyway and initially ruled jury selection would begin as scheduled on Monday. But after prosecutors filed a request with the Court of Appeals to put the case on hold, the judge sent the potential jurors home for the day.

Judge Cahill called a recess to give the Court of Appeals time to respond, but planned to bring lawyers back into the courtroom on Monday to deal with other matters.

Judge Cahill said the trial would proceed unless the higher courts told him to stop.

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