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US politics impeachment: Democrats plan to focus on Trump's lack of remorse for Capitol riot - ABC News

Democrats aren't the only ones airing new facts

Yesterday's trial ended in a dust-up over the factual accuracy of a CNN article, one of many news reports that the Democrats have used to build their case. 

The gist is that Republican Senator Mike Lee, of Utah, wanted to remove the mention of the article from the congressional record. The article claimed that Donald Trump had called accidentally Lee during the Capitol riot, looking for a different Republican Senator: Tommy Tuberville. Lee said that phone call never happened. 

In following up on the facts, though, reporters uncovered a new detail that reveals Trump tweeted a threatening message about his Vice President Mike Pence even when Trump had credible reason to believe that Pence's life was in danger. 

Kyle Cheney, who covers congress for POLITICO, spoke with Tuberville last night. Here's what he learned:

"From what I can establish from the record:

-Trump spoke to Tuberville sometime between 2-2:15 (Deseret News)
-Pence was evacuated at 2:15pm, prompting Tuberville to relay this to Trump and end the call (Tuberville comment)
-Trump tweeted his attack against Pence at 2:24pm" 

Here's the full thread on Twitter: 


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