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Trump impeachment trial day five: - ABC News

Here's what we expect today

it's possible the Senate will hold a vote to call witnesses, which would extend the trial considerably. It's all up to the House impeachment managers to request this, and though a few Democratic senators have expressed interest, I haven't seen reporting to suggest the rest of the party supports this move. 

We expect the Senate will get straight into closing arguments. Both sides have two hours at their disposal, but they probably won't use all that time given the way the rest of this trial has unfolded. (Trump's defence lawyers used just 3 of the 16 hours allotted for them for opening arguments). 

Once the defence wraps up, the final vote is imminent. It's possible the Senate takes a quick recess. They also have the option to deliberate if they so choose. But we expect they've already made up their minds on whether the then-President incited an insurrection against the US government.

If Trump is convicted, the Senate will then vote on whether to ban Trump from holding federal office again in the future. But all signs point to acquittal -- it's unlikely that 17 Republican senators will join 50 Democrats to reach the two-thirds vote necessary.

The Republican support is still the crucial thing to watch today. The vote will be read like tea leaves for the party's future loyalty to Trump, fueling speculation over whether he can run again in 2024.

Trump defence lawyer Michael Van der Veen makes his way to the Senate Chamber (AP)

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