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Hunt defends worker at nursing home where vaccine doses thrown out

Mr Hunt has defended the worker at the nursing home where surplus vaccine doses had to be thrown out.

More than 120 doses of Pfizer's vaccine - 25 vials - were left over and stored in a fridge, and because the company could not confirm the precise temperature at which the vials were stored, they were disposed of.

"So far, as I say, we have had over 420 consignments covering 486,000km and the situation here is there was surplus and the worker in question absolutely did everything right, this is one where I am respectfully not accepting that there was something incorrect," said Mr Hunt.

"The worker made sure that they were refrigerated, ensure that there was a subsequent collection, and the advice we have is it was highly likely that the vaccines's integrity had been maintained but because of the refrigeration, it was unable to determine absolutely that the temperatures had been maintained and so, the decision [was made] to put safety ahead of all else.

"I think it represented 0.1% of the first week's vaccines, vastly below that which had been presumed would be not delivered during the course of that week, so in fact, the level of doses that have suffered some form of inability to be delivered is vastly below what we were anticipating at this stage, so I think far from anything, in this case, being other than appropriate procedures, the worker in question should be commended."

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