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Second vaccine shipment arrives as more leaders get jabs, but Health Minister warns there will be hiccups

Australians must be prepared to accept some spoiled doses during the vaccine program, according to Health Minister Greg Hunt.

The second Pfizer shipment has arrived in Australia, and another is expected next week.

That will enable Australia to dispense 80,000 doses per week for the next two weeks, according to Mr Hunt, before shipments AstraZeneca arrive in mid-March to double the rate of doses per week.

But he warned there will be some hiccups.

"Inevitably over the course of a mass vaccination program at some point there will be a truck that has an engine problem, or somebody may drop a vial, and I think we need to be aware of this sort of thing," he said.

"There'll be the normal course of human events, things which in a flu season would happen every day and which would be unremarked upon, but because of the focus on this it's understandable."

He added Australia had a "strong" vaccine control program including an operations centre at Department of Health.

Global demand for vaccines has put pressure on supply, but Mr Hunt said Pfizer representatives have given the government "good, strong confidence" in continued deliveries in coming weeks.

By political reporter Jack Snape.

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