Sabtu, 20 Februari 2021

Coronavirus Australia live news: - ABC News

First 4,000 doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination will arrive at Adelaide Airport today


They are coming by plane from Sydney.

SA Health says the vaccine will be transported in specifically designed cooler boxes – referred to a thermal shippers – packed with dry ice to make sure the cold chain is maintained below -70 degrees Celsius.

There will be four trays of vaccine all sorted in their own thermal shippers.

Three trays being transported to the Royal Adelaide Hospital and one tray will go to Flinders Medical Centre.

After touch down, the thermal shippers will then be transported to the hospitals by DHL.

When the transport vehicle arrives at the hospital, they'll be greeted by hospital representatives, including vaccination supervisors and staff from pharmacy and security.

They will then escort the vaccines to the room where they will be placed in the specialist Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers that were installed at each hospital earlier this week.

Due to the presence of dry ice in the cooler boxes, the two person team will wear protective PPE to remove the tray of vials.

This team will have five minutes to then complete the next steps to maintain the vaccines.

The box will be opened and the temperature tracker will be checked and removed, with the vials then cross-checked and details recorded.

The main freezer door will be opened with a key and the airlock door then opened so that the tray of doses can be placed in the freezer.

The freezer will then be closed and locked completing the transport process.

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