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US politics live updates: Senate to resume electoral college vote count as pro-Trump rioters defy Washington curfew - ABC News

Getting to some of your questions...

We've been reading your comments this whole time, and we're sorry we couldn't get to them sooner -- this has been a wild story to keep up with, but it looks like things are somewhat stable at the moment. The US Capitol has been cleared of rioters and the building itself is secure. There's still some crowds around the perimeter despite the 6 pm DC curfew, but teams of riot police are pushing them back and members of congress are signaling they'll head back in to resume the electoral college count shortly. 

Has anyone been charged or arrested yet over the events in DC?

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The last count I saw was 13 arrests, but the majority of those were made last night.   

Did anybody think to grab the vote envelopes or have they been destroyed? What happens next?


Yep! A congressional aide swiped the stack on their way out the door. Even if they hadn't, there's two other certified copies out there in two separate locations. 

Why are the "protestors" but being referred to as terrorists?


The ABC digital editors made the call to use the word "protestor" to refer to those outside the capitol, who were within their constitutional rights to gather (at least up until the 6 pm curfew). We use the word "rioter" for the far smaller group of individuals who unlawfully broke in to the capitol.

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