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US politics live updates: Donald Trump calls out Pence as Georgia runoffs set to decide the Senate - ABC News

Early questions!

Hey there you wonderful early birds! Thanks for getting in your questions already.

What happens if it is still too close to call? Are there runoffs for runoffs?


Nah there aren't runoffs into infinity. In the November elections in Georgia, there were more than two candidates in each Senate race, and none of the candidates got 50 per cent plus one vote. But in the runoffs, only the top two candidates get to be on the ballot again. It might take a while to count the votes, but at the end of the count one person is going to get more votes than the other person, and that person will be the winner (unless there's somehow a tie).

Morning Pete, what time can results from the run-off be expected? Cheers.


You're not the only one asking this Garry, but sadly I can't give you a good answer!

Counting should be easier this time around, because the election workers only need to count the votes in two races, rather than in a whole stack of down-ballot contests.

But if it's close, and all the polls say it will be, it could take days to get final results (and that's before we get into recounts). FWIW, I'm expecting that results won't arrive today.

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