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Norway landslide rescue teams find no signs of life in wreckage as drone shows extent of damage - ABC News

Rescue teams searching for survivors days after a landslide carried away homes in a Norwegian village have found no signs of life amid the ruined buildings and debris.

Six bodies have now been found in the search, police said.

Four bodies were discovered on Friday and Saturday, and another two on Sunday.

Ground search teams with dogs are being aided by helicopters and drones with heat-detecting cameras on the ravaged hillside in the village of Ask, 25 kilometres north-east of the capital, Oslo.

Rescue workers search for signs of life in the rubble caused by the landslide. It is snowy and there is debris all around them.
Six bodies have been found in the search, authorities say.(NTB via AP: Jil Yngland)

At least 1,000 people have been evacuated and more may have to leave.

The landslide is the worst in modern Norwegian history and has gripped the Nordic nation of 5.4 million.

The missing people were from homes in the innermost area of the landslide, but it was not clear whether they had been trapped in their houses, were away at the time or had managed to escape, police said on the weekend.

Southern Norway has seen large amounts of rain in recent days, which may have caused the soil in the area to shift, broadcaster NRK reported.

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The landslide swept away a cluster of buildings.


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