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Extreme Trump supporters call for more violence that experts warn will be worse than Capitol riot -

Following the devastating aftermath of the US Capitol riot, experts have warned that far-right extremists are calling for more violence ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration.

The attack on the Capitol building on Wednesday led to five deaths, and was heavily condemned by political leaders on both sides, including Vice President Mike Pence.

After the chaos unfolded, social media giants like Facebook and Twitter banned President Donald Trump from their platforms, claiming that he could use them to incite more violence.

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However, this has done little to stop extremists who feel emboldened as Mr Biden is set to be sworn in as president during the January 20 inauguration.

“We are seeing ... chatter from these white supremacists, from these far-right extremists. They feel emboldened in this moment,” Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, told CNN.

“We fully expect that this violence could actually get worse before it gets better.”

Many of Mr Trump’s supporters have pledged on websites such as Parler to show up on the Inauguration Day to once again attack the Capitol in protest of Mr Biden.

“Many of us will return on January 19, 2021 carrying Our weapons,” wrote a Parler user who goes by the handle Colonel007.

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“We will come in numbers that no standing army or police agency can match.”

Others took to a pro-Trump forum,, to claim that Mr Trump - who lost the election in 2020 to Mr Biden by about 7 million votes - will still remain president.

“We must not let the communists win,” the user wrote on Thursday, a day after the attempted coup.

“Even if we have to burn DC to the ground. Tomorrow we take back DC and take back our country.”

Because these extremists were so easily able to get past Capitol Police and into the Capitol building right as Congress were certifying the results of the presidential election, concerns have been raised over the safety and security of the inauguration event.

One rioter who was arrested after Wednesday’s attack, self-proclaimed Q-Anon conspiracy theorist Jake Angeli, has said that he would like to return to DC on Inauguration Day.

Photos of Angeli at the Capitol wearing horns, a fur hood and American flag face paint were shared around the world.

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“If I could come back for the inauguration, that would be great,” Angeli told journalist Tik Root earlier this week, before he was arrested.

He insisted that he didn’t “smash any windows” or “vandalise anything” while he stormed the Capitol.

Due to the riot, Congress were forced to delay certifying the election for hours as they hid, waiting for the building to clear out.

Many other rioters who were photographed inside the building on Wednesday have been arrested.

Adam Johnson, who was seen grinning as he carried House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s lectern, was arrested, as was Richard Barnett, the man seen sitting with his feet up on her desk.

Doug Jensen, the man who was pictured at the Capitol wearing a Q-Anon shirt and yelling in a police officer’s face, was also arrested on Saturday.

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Derrick Evans, a recently elected West Virginia politician, was also arrested for entering the building on Wednesday and destroying government property.

He had allegedly live-streamed himself at the riots encouraging others to break into the Capitol building.

After his arrest he resigned from his recently acquired position in the West Virginia House of Delegates, issuing an apology shortly after.

Despite the horrifying scenes, Mr Trump repeatedly used Twitter to double down on disproved claims the election was stolen from him.

“I know your pain, I know your hurt, we had an election that was stolen from us...but you have to go home now, we have to have peace and law and order,” he said, in a now deleted video.

Earlier, Mr Trump called for “peaceful” protests however his calls for calm were too late.

Since the attack, disturbing new details have emerged about the apparent murderous intentions of some of the pro-Trump rioters, including killing senior politicians Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi.

Authorities have revealed that a vehicle found near the scene shortly after the siege contained a large number of firearms and explosives.

It comes as a Reuters photographer recounted what rioters were discussing as they tore through the Capitol on January 6 – including hanging the Vice President from a tree for being a “traitor”.

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Pence’s job was to present the results from the session at Congress on Wednesday, but President Trump falsely told his supporters that his VP had the power to overturn the results.

In newly released footage, rioters can be heard chanting, “Where’s Mike Pence?” as they rush through the building, while others demand “heads on pikes”.

According to CNN, a terrified Mr Pence and his family — his wife Karen Pence, daughter Charlotte and brother, Representative Greg Pence — could hear the chants as they were evacuated from the building, fearing for their lives.

An armed rioter was arrested and texts were found on his phone of his alleged plans to execute Ms Pelosi, by shooting her or running her over with his car.

Images from the riot show some intruders wore helmets, not MAGA caps. They had bullet proof vests and more kit than the police officers who were supposed to be protecting the building.

Several people had guns. At least two rioters were seen with plastic cable ties, also known as flex-cuffs, the type used by police to quickly hold many targets at once.

Some of those most involved in the pro-Donald Trump protest movement were ex-police or military, well versed in tactics and methods to subdue those they come up against.

Following the attack, former presidents and Republican allies turned on Donald Trump.

Former President Barack Obama, who peacefully left the White House for Donald Trump in 2016, described the events in the Capitol as “a moment of great dishonour and shame” but admitted it wasn’t a surprise.

Former President George W. Bush also released a lengthy statement, describing the riot as “sickening and heartbreaking”.

Bill Clinton also weighed in, levelling the entirety of the blame at Mr Trump and claiming he “lit the match”.

Jeb Bush, the former Governor of Florida and the younger brother of former President George W. Bush, called on Mr Trump to “go home to Florida”.

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