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US politics live updates: Republicans urged not to object to US election despite Donald Trump's refusal to accept result - ABC News

McConnell drew a line in the sand today


Jumping back to Mitch McConnell like I said I would. He didn't just publicly acknowledge Biden's win today.

McConnell, along with his top deputies, also reportedly pressed other Senate Republicans not to get involved in any shenanigans when Congress counts the votes of the electoral college in January.

A quick diversion to explain how this works. In January Congress will count the votes of the electoral college — the absolute final step in this whole process. But just after the count, members of Congress can object to votes in a particular state. If a member from the House AND the Senate object, the chambers need to go and debate the objection for up to two hours. They both vote, and if they both uphold that objection, the results of that state are excluded. Now, this process had a 0 per cent of succeeding in 2020 anyway, because Democrats control the House and will vote down any attempts to block the results. But it could have added extra drama, distraction and delay to Joe Biden officially being recognised as president-elect by Congress.

So, if any Trump-supporting members of the House want to object to the votes of a state in January, they need someone from the Senate to join them to take the process any further.

And McConnell, according to Reuters, told his Senate Republicans not to get involved in any of that.

Of course, he can't force them. But McConnell commands tight discipline over his Republican senators for a reason. It's a huge signal that McConnell is done entertaining Donald Trump's notion that the election is up for dispute, and significantly reduces the chances of any drama happening in January.

Trump hasn't taken kindly to his allies that have done this so far (see Bill Barr, for example), but McConnell doesn't serve at the pleasure of Trump. It'll be fascinating to see how this plays out.

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