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US election latest news: Donald Trump says Rudy Giuliani 'doing well' in hospital with COVID-19, Joe Biden names full pandemic-fighting team - ABC News

Donald Trump's lawyer and former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani remains in hospital, after the US President confirmed yesterday that the 76-year-old had tested positive for COVID-19.

Mr Trump told reporters that he had spoken to Mr Giuliani, and that he has no temperature.

It comes as Joe Biden makes his final appointments to lead his national health and pandemic recovery teams as the death toll in the US ticks over 283,000.

This story will be updated throughout Tuesday.

Giuliani 'doing well' after COVID-19 diagnosis

Donald Trump says his lawyer and long-time associate Rudy Giuliani had called him earlier that day from hospital, where he remains while being treated for coronavirus.

The US President was speaking after a ceremony at the White House to award Olympic wrestling champion Dan Gable the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Monday (local time).

"Rudy (Giuliani) is doing well, I just spoke to him. He is doing very well, no temperature. And he actually called me early this morning. It was the first call I got," Mr Trump said.

"That's another champion, greatest mayor in the history of New York. And what he's doing now is more important and he will admit that.

"He was the greatest mayor, did a fantastic job, especially when you see what's going on nowadays, Dan. Rudy Giuliani was a great, great mayor and what he's doing now and he will say it is even more important."

Biden makes final health team appointments

President-elect Joe Biden has announced his full team to lead the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, with almost 15 million cases recorded across the country to date.

Mr Biden said in a statement that one of the team's responsibilities would be to "oversee the safe, equitable, and free distribution of treatments and vaccines."

"This team of world-class medical experts and public servants will be ready on Day One to mobilize every resource of the federal government to expand testing and masking," the statement read.

Some of the key nominations are:

  • Secretary of health and human services — Xavier Becerra
  • Head of US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — Dr Rochelle Walensky
  • Coronavirus "czar" — Jeff Zients
  • Surgeon general — Vivek Murthy

Trump advisor violated law against political activity, watchdog says

The US Office of Special Counsel says Donald Trump's trade adviser Peter Navarro knowingly violated federal law while serving in his official capacity by attacking then-presidential candidate Joe Biden.

The Hatch Act limits the political activities of federal employees except the president and vice-president — but in a report, the federal watchdog agency said Dr Navarro harshly criticised Mr Biden and running mate Kamala Harris during at least six media interviews between May and October.

"OSC's investigation determined that Dr Navarro violated the Hatch Act's prohibition against using his official authority or influence to affect an election by engaging in political activity during official media appearances and on his official Twitter account," the agency said.

"Dr Navarro often attacked Mr Biden about his relationship with China and at times accused him of being 'compromised' and susceptible to being 'bought' by China, even nicknaming him 'Beijing Biden'."

The report said Dr Navarro continued to engage in the behaviour despite being trained on the Hatch Act and after the OSC launched its investigation.

The OSC said the White House counsel's Office argued that Dr Navarro's statements "about Joe Biden and his 'kowtowing to the Chinese' were the kind of factual, policy-based statements acceptable for him to make in his official capacity" — but in their eyes, that was not the case.

"A federal employee acting in his official capacity violates the Hatch Act when, as here, he makes statements intended to encourage others to vote for or against a candidate for partisan political office or otherwise promotes or disparages that candidate's campaign," the report said.

"Dr Navarro violated the Hatch Act because he engaged in that very activity."

The White House didn't make an immediate comment and the OSC says Dr Navarro chose not to respond to the report — it says it will be left up to Mr Trump to decide on what it called "appropriate disciplinary action."


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