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Vienna synagogue shooting: Active shooter situation in Austria -

Multiple people are injured and at least one person is dead after an active shooter situation in the Austrian capital of Vienna.

Vienna Police urged everyone to stay away from the city centre after confirming there were "several injured persons" due to the shooting.

“We are on site with all available forces. Please avoid all public squares in the city,” police said.

The Austrian Interior Ministry confirmed at least one person had died in the incident however local media are reporting up to seven people could've been killed in the horrific attack.

Austrian Interior Minister Karl Nehammer has officially labelled the incident a terror attack.

Quoting a source from Austria's Interior Ministry, German news service Deutsche Welle said there were at least two attackers and one has been shot dead by police. Another was reportedly "on the run".

Florian Klenk, the editor-in-chief of newspaper Falter, has been told by police there have been hostages taken.

Among the injured is a police officer who is said to be seriously injured.

Austrian public broadcaster ORF cited witnesses as saying the first shots were fired shortly after 8pm local time.

Gunshots were reported near Schwedenplatz, one of the main squares in the Austrian capital.

Local media is reporting explosives were involved in the attack.

Dozens of police have been filmed running through the city in an attempt to find more active shooters.

In one video, police in protective gear can be seen rushing through local restaurants, as diners lie flat on the ground, in search of any potential shooters.

Video footage taken by a Vienna local showed a pool of blood outside a cafe in the city's main Jewish centre.

Everyone has been ordered to stay inside, especially around the city's Jewish community after it was reported a synagogue, multiple restaurants and a Jewish community centre were targeted.

A man, holding an assault rifle, was also filmed firing his gun towards someone.

Oskar Deutsch, the head of the Jewish community in Vienna, said the synagogue was closed when the shooting began but shots were fired "in the immediate vicinity" around it.

Ambulances are now on scene to help any victims of the shooting.

More to come.

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