Senin, 30 November 2020

US politics live updates: Arizona certifies election results as Donald Trump clings to baseless 'fraud' claims - ABC News

What did Trump and Biden get up to today?

For the President, not a whole lot.

The only event on his publicly-listed schedule was a lunch with Vice-President Mike Pence. He has been tweeting, of course. Most of them involve the same baseless claims about election fraud you've seen several times over in the past few weeks.

The president-elect unveiled his economic team, but we didn't get to see him in person. Today was also the day the Biden and vice-president-elect Kamala Harris received their first Presidential Daily Briefing.

The Biden team has already called a lid (from a very rainy Wilmington, Delaware I'm told), so we don't expect anything more from him today. We also have spied that moon boot either, after he picked up a hairline fracture playing with his dog Major at the weekend. Nevertheless, here's a photo of Biden and Major the day he was adopted:

Joe Biden walks out of a building with his newly-adopted dog Major

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2020-11-30 20:42:00Z

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