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Rudy Giuliani’s daughter Caroline shares tips to help dad accept Trump defeat -

Rudy Giuliani is the man tasked with the seemingly impossible job of trying to prove Donald Trump was the alleged victim of voting fraud.

The President’s personal lawyer has been scrambling around in a desperate bid to overturn the US election results since Joe Biden was announced president elect on November 8.

But it seems his daughter Caroline – a loud and proud Democrat (and major fan of Kamala Harris, the first ever female vice-president elect) – thinks her dad should let it go.

The 31-year-old has penned a humorous list of “self-care tips” to help “Trumpworld” accept defeat.

And in light of her dad’s recent public downfall, which include the former 9/11 hero and New York mayor suffering an embarrassing hair dye fail and a humiliating cameo in the latest Borat film, people are urging Mr Giuliani to take note.

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Among the many zingers Caroline wrote in her piece for Vanity Fairis a plea to stay away from artificial dyes while making “false claims of voter fraud in Philadelphia” – a clear message for her dad who was photographed with dark steams of dye rolling down his face at a recent press conference.

She also urged to him to “take stock of your failures” – writing that “only sociopathic narcissists have delusions of grandeur, blaming others for their failings, often with tragic consequences”.

Caroline also poked fun at the Four Seasons Total Landscaping fiasco, which saw her dad holding a press conference at a garden centre situated between a crematorium and an adult sex shop called Fantasy Island, rather than at – as had been expected – Philadelphia’s Four Seasons hotel.

Some of her helpful nuggets of advice appear to be aimed at social media fan Donald Trump as she suggested staying off Twitter for a minimum of eight years, adding “forever” would be better.

“Pack up any and all belongings from the White House. Then trek into the wilderness until you lose cell service and Twitter will no longer refresh. Stay until America is back on track. This may take anywhere from eight years to forever,” she wrote.

She also implored sore losers to take up a new hobby, but stated “whining, lying, and grabbing women by the pussy are not skills”, which appears to be another not-so-subtle stab at the outbound president.

Among all the laughs seemed to be a personal plea from Caroline to her dad.

“Stop ignoring your relatives who just want you to allow the democratic process to unfold unobstructed. (Artsy daughters are especially insightful.)”

Understandably, Twitter has erupted over the “hilarious” piece with many branding it “clever and courageous”.

Last month Caroline went viral for another searing piece for Vanity Fair in which she publicly criticised her father and revealed she is voting for Joe Biden in a searing personal essay.

In the essay she called Mr Trump’s administration “toxic” and his presidency a “reign of terror”, and calls her father, the former Mayor of New York City, the “president’s personal bulldog”.

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