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Joe Biden mocks Donald Trump with fake ‘COVID plan’ website -

Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden has mocked US President Donald Trump’s strategy for managing the coronavirus crisis in the US releasing a fake “Trump COVID Plan” website.

The number of coronavirus cases in the US has continued to surge, with 85,000 new cases reported on Friday alone.

“After eight months of this pandemic, we finally found President Trump’s plan to beat COVID-19,” Mr Biden tweeted on Saturday, with a link to

The landing page of the website shows a “Not Found” message, saying: “The Trump plan to defeat the coronavirus and reopen safely does not exist.” There is also a prompt asking web users to Learn More.

After clicking the link, a number of the President’s tweets and comments from throughout the pandemic appear on a slider, with a running tally of the number of deaths from COVID-19.

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“Donald Trump has had eight months to use science, public health, and the power of the Presidency to reopen safely and save American lives,” the site reads. “But we are barely better equipped to manage the COVID-19 threat today than we were eight months ago.”

“Donald Trump has failed to lead and Americans are paying for it with their lives.”

Some of the quotes include Mr Trump saying: “I said to my people ‘slow the testing down please’.”

This was on June 20, when the number of deaths from coronavirus had reached 122,510.

Mr Trump was also quoted as saying: “It will go away and as I say, we’re rounding the turn, we’re rounding the corner, it’s going away.”

He made the comments about the COVID-19 pandemic during the final presidential debate on October 22. This was as the US reached 223,032 deaths from COVID-19.

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“Joe Biden has a national plan to defeat COVID-19 and reopen America safely,” the site reads.

Mr Biden’s plan includes creating the wide availability of free testing, eliminating cost barriers to preventive care and treatment for COVID-19, development of a COVID-19 vaccine and deployment of supplies, personnel and facilities.

The Biden camp has also called for a “decisive economic response” including paid leave for people affected by the crisis.

Mr Trump’s Opening Up America Again plan was introduced in the US in April and is a phased approach to reopening regional areas across the US.

It called for a “downward trajectory of COVID-like syndromic cases reported within a 14-day period” before areas proceed to phased reopenings.

The plan also called for regional areas to prepare three main areas of responsibility, including testing and contact tracing, their healthcare system capacity and plans for protecting the public and workers in health and safety.

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