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Italy tells bars to close early as COVID cases surge, Spain orders curfew - ABC News

Italy has reported a new daily record of 21,273 coronavirus cases with 128 deaths, as the Government moves to tighten restrictions to bring the rise in cases under control.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced bars and restaurants would have to close by 6:00pm, and that cinemas, gyms and swimming pools would be shut under new measures to combat the pandemic raging across Europe.

"We think that we will suffer a bit this month but by gritting our teeth with these restrictions, we'll be able to breathe again in December," Mr Conte told a news conference.

Italy, once the country hardest hit by the pandemic in the industrialised world, has been overtaken by others in Europe including Spain, France and Britain, but infection rates have been rebounding rapidly and health services have come under increasing pressure.

Health workers in full PPE testing COVID swabs
Italy keeps hitting new records for positive coronavirus cases in a single day.(LaPresse via AP: Cecilia Fabiano)

The new measures come into effect on Monday and follow two nights of protests in Naples and Rome against curfews introduced in a number of regions last week.

Aware of the huge cost of shutting down the economy, the Government said it does not want to repeat the blanket lockdown ordered during the first phase of the crisis.

The latest decree encourages people to stay at home and limit contacts at home with anyone outside their immediate family, but does not impose a mandatory nationwide curfew or lockdown, and allows shops and most businesses to remain open.

Nationwide curfew in Spain

Buckling under the resurgence of coronavirus in Europe, the Spanish Government declared a national state of emergency that includes an overnight curfew.

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said the decision to restrict free movement on the streets of Spain between 11:00pm to 6:00am allows exceptions for commuting to work, buying medicine, and caring for elderly and young family members.

three young women wearing masks standing together and using their phones
Spain's move towards a curfew follows a similar decision in France.(AP: Paul White)

He said the curfew takes effect Sunday night and would likely remain in place for six months.

"The reality is that Europe and Spain are immersed in a second wave of the pandemic," Mr Sanchez said during a nationwide address after meeting with his Cabinet.

The leaders of Spain's 17 regions and two autonomous cities will have authority to slightly modify the curfew in their territory, close regional borders to travel, and limit gatherings to six people who don't live together.

Spain is following the example of neighbouring France, where the Government ordered a curfew between 9:00pm and 6:00am curfew for many parts of the country.

Health officials have been targeting nightlife and partying as some of the main sources for the latest revival of infections.


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