Kamis, 29 Oktober 2020

Hurricane Epsilon generates huge swell in the Atlantic, giant waves off coast of Portugal - 9News

A massive winter ocean swell is battering the coast of the Atlantic after a hurricane merged with another huge weather system.

Former hurricane Epsilon combined with a low pressure system off Greenland and has been churning up waves of gigantic size in Europe.

Nazaré in Portugal, Home of the biggest waves ever surfed, is directly in the firing line of the swell.

Surfer Kai Lenny was filmed surfing a wave estimated to be 18 metres high at Nazaré today, in the early stages of the swell — which is expected to increase in size overnight and into tomorrow.

In the space of a decade, Nazaré in Portugal has become the mecca for big wave surfers from all around the globe.

The monstrous Atlantic swells rolling into the beach from the north, and the Canyon pushing the swell back from the south meet to create a giant peak.

These giant peaks break on the sand as the largest waves in the world. Getting caught inside can be disastrous.

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2020-10-29 10:23:00Z

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