Sabtu, 03 Oktober 2020

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Concerns remain in Victoria over mystery cases

Victoria's Chief Health Officer has expressed concern about an uptick in the number of "mystery" COVID-19 cases, or cases with an unknown source, in the state.

There were 13 mystery cases in Melbourne in the fortnight to October 1, an increase of two from a day earlier.

"Mystery cases ... remain a concern with an uptick in the 14-day rolling average," Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton said.

Professor Sutton said there were three additional mystery cases not included in today's figures.

Those cases were found in the south-east and west of Melbourne in postcodes 3145, 3023 and 3019.

"One single case of unknown acquisition - we don't know what it represents but it might represent five true cases out there. It might represent 10 or 15 cases out there because we don't know where they got it from," Professor Sutton said.

"It's really a call to arms … anyone in those postcodes should be aware that there's transmission in those postcodes."

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