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Queensland doctors and psychologists facing a 'tsunami of mental health presentations' after months of coronavirus limitations


Hundreds of people seeking mental health support due to the coronavirus pandemic in Queensland are on waiting lists up to three months long to see a psychologist or a psychiatrist, as the sector struggles to meet the high demand.

Anna Alexandria was one of them.

After getting on top of her anxiety at the start of the year, her mental health suffered when the pandemic caused her wedding photography business to grind to a halt and the bills started piling up.

As a returning client, Ms Alexandria, 32, was able to see a psychologist and psychiatrist after a few weeks wait.

But when a relative needed urgent help to deal with severe anxiety, she found it near impossible to find a specialist.

"I rang between 15 to 20 different psychiatrists and psychologists trying to get an appointment for a family member to really no avail," she said.

"I thought that I knew the system quite well and I would be able to navigate this path fairly easily.

"But I was ringing psychiatrists and some of them were giving me waiting lists until next year, they were saying they're not seeing new patients.

"I had secretaries laugh at me and tell me this isn't a good time, that it's the wrong time of year to start this.

"It was just devastating because you don't know where to turn to or what to do."


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