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Black Lives Matter protests, Philadelphia: Looter takes washing machine from store -

This is the shocking moment a Philadelphia man brazenly stole a washing machine from a store during another night of violence, vandalism and protests.

A video of the man emerged as a second night of riots and looting erupted in the Pennsylvania city on Tuesday, a day after police fatally shot 27-year-old Walter Wallace Jr, The Sun reports.

In the footage, a masked man wearing a red T-shirt can be seen casually wheeling away the appliance, which looks like a washing machine, on a large hand trolley.

He eyed the camera in an unconcerned way as he strolled away from one of the many ravaged Philadelphia businesses.

Twitter user Andy NgĂ´ shared the clip from Fox News’ Sean Hannity show, which had a reporter following the Black Lives Matter protests there.

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American flags were torched in New York City last night after the protests spread from Philadelphia, where bins were set on fire, stores were ransacked, and violent clashes between protesters and police ensued.

The Trump administration released a statement in the early hours of Wednesday morning, local time, slamming the demonstrations.

The protests erupted after cops fatally shot Mr Wallace, who had mental health issues, and refused to drop his knife.

The White House indicated that the government was getting ready to mobilise and would “never allow mob rule” as the violence continued.

The comment came after another night of chaos, which saw the riots and looting over his killing spread to New York and Washington D.C. on Tuesday after raging for a second night in Philadelphia.

A car was filmed ramming into an NYPD barricade last night while police tried to smash the windows with batons.

Shocking Twitter footage showed a man carrying a burning Star-Spangled Banner through the streets of Brooklyn, where WABC reported that dozens of arrests were made and least nine NYPD vehicles were damaged.

The violence intensified in other states as rioters looted stores, set fire to rubbish bins and smashed up cars back in the ransacked Pennsylvania city.

Roughly 500 people gathered at a West Philadelphia park on Tuesday night, where they chanted and marched through the neighbourhood.

Elsewhere, footage showed people ransacking stores on the opposite side of the city from where Mr Wallace was shot.

A little after 8.30pm local time, Philadelphia Police issued a warning.

It stated that a crowd of approximately 1000 was looting business in the area of Castor and Aramingo and to avoid the area.

Harrowing images showed fires in the middle of streets, while a large police presence was required at a Target and Walmart, where windows were smashed and items stolen.

Philadelphia braced itself for another night of violence yesterday as video showed cops running away from demonstrators, who appear to be throwing bottles at them.

More footage which emerged earlier this week showed rioters hurling garbage bins at a line of cops and another that showed looters sifting through trashed stores.

Another video appears to show a rioter raiding a police vehicle, while more captured footage shows a police vehicle on fire.

Police confirmed that at least 30 officers were injured on Monday night, including one female officer who was hit by a truck and sustained a broken leg.

Rioters looted several stores and at least one restaurant, and police said that more than 30 people were arrested for throwing bricks or rocks at officers or looting.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and has been reproduced with permission

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