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Coronavirus Australia live news: New Zealand virus strain new to country, Victoria records 372 new cases and 14 deaths - ABC News

On the refrigerated freight COVID-19 theory in New Zealand


Kirsten Aiken: 

"You have however identified something that I believe you find quite curious from the Prime Minister's speech this afternoon, something that identified a refrigerated freight scenario. Could you elaborate on on that for us?"

University of Otago epidemiologist Professor Michael Baker: 

"Yes. The index case in this cluster worked in a cold store and had contacted with imported goods and so it started, the hypothesis, which is fairly unlikely, that the virus may have crossed the borders in a refrigerated state.


"We can preserve the virus, of course, its viability, but really internationally, I don't think there are any documented examples of outbreaks starting in this way."


"Nevertheless, will work be done to ensure that that hasn't been the case here?"

Professor Baker: 

"Yes. There'll be some samplings being done. Of course, the exposure of it may have happened two to three weeks ago so there may be some chance of finding the virus in that environment if it was a source."


"But it is a difficult hypothesis to support at the moment." 




"Are there any concerns that New Zealand is in fact following the wrong strategy when it continues to pursue elimination?"


Professor Baker: 

"I think there'll always be people challenging that approach but really so far the evidence is very supportive of this approach."

"We have got the lowest mortar tallty in the OECD at the moment, our economy is taking off under elimination and so there is huge support in New Zealand and from our politicians and business leaders to get back into the elimination state as fast as we can."

"If you look across the region, countries pursuing elimination, Taiwan, China, Vietnam, even though they have had set backs in some cases, their economies are doing extremely well and again they have had lower mortality rates from COVID-19.


"That's the experience of New Zealand and the States in Australia pursuing elimination are also I think doing very well."

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