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Black Lives Matter: Couple draw guns on protesters outside their St Louis mansion -

A video has gone viral of wild scenes when a couple pointed a pistol and an assault rifle at Black Lives Matters protesters in an angry confrontation outside their huge mansion.

Holding the semiautomatic weapon in his two hands while a woman waves a silver hand gun, the man gesticulates and can be heard warning hundreds of protesters off his property.

In one video, the protesters seem to be calm walking on the footpath, not entering the garden. However, in other footage it is possible that some protesters can be seen on his grounds.

Local media have identified the pair as Mark and Patricia McCloskey.

The couple can be seen standing on the forecourt of their massive St Louis, Missouri, mansion telling protesters to get off their perfectly manicured lawns.

Barefooted and dressed in capri pants and a striped top Mrs McCloskey points the hand gun towards protesters while her equally shoeless husband, wearing a pink polo shirt and beige slacks swings the rifle from side to side.

Mrs McCloskey, whose law firm biography says she is a member of the Missouri Bar Association ethical review panel, at one point crosses the lawn and stumbles briefly while she has her gun aimed at protesters.

It is unclear whether her pistol or her husband’s semi automatic were loaded.

The protesters can be heard loudly banging drums along with shouts of “Let’s go” and “Keep movin’” as Mr McCloskey yells “You’re not on the property”.

It seems from one video the couple are reacting to people just walking on by. However, a video from another angle (below) does seem to show people at the side of the couple’s house which may mean they are on the grounds. A man can be heard saying “get out, this is private property”.

Both lawyers, the McCloskeys run one of St Louis’s premier personal injury law firms.

The faux Renaissance-style home the McCloskeys were videoed defending was featured two years ago in St Louis Magazine after the couple invited photographers in for a photo shoot.

The confrontation happened as a large throng of BLM protesters marched towards St Louis mayor Lyda Krewson’s house, taking them through one of the city’s most exclusive neighbourhoods.

The protesters were walking to Krewson’s house to demonstrate as part of a backlash the mayor is facing for broadcasting on Facebook Live the names and addresses of advocates for defunding the police department.

Their website says they “have devoted their professional careers to assisting those sustaining traumatic brain injury, neck, back, spinal cord and other serious, disabling or fatal neurological injuries”

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