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Donald Trump's state visit to the UK: live updates - CNN

Trump and Hunt meet at Stansted Airport
Trump and Hunt meet at Stansted Airport ISABEL INFANTES/AFP/Getty Images

Shortly before landing, Donald Trump tweeted a typically aggressive broadside against London mayor Sadiq Khan -- and it appears Khan was still on his mind as he stepped off the plane moments later.

Trump shared his "very strong views" about Khan with British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt while the pair met on the tarmac, Hunt told the BBC.

"He mentioned to me some of his feelings about the Mayor of London, which I saw subsequently he just tweeted out as well," Hunt said.

Asked to go into detail about what Trump had said, Hunt added: "He wasn't exactly saying that he's going to inviting Sadiq Khan for royal treatment at the White House anytime soon."

"What he said to me was consistent with what was in his tweet, let's put it like that," Hunt said.

Trump had tweeted minutes before landing that Khan was a "stone cold loser," before mocking Khan's height and comparing him to New York's mayor Bill de Blasio, who Trump called "very dumb and incompetent."

Responding to Trump's Twitter comments, a spokesperson for Khan said the President should not be hurling "childish insults" at the mayor: "This is much more serious than childish insults which should be beneath the President of the United States."

"Sadiq is representing the progressive values of London and our country, warning that Donald Trump is the most egregious example of a growing far-right threat around the globe, which is putting at risk the basic values that have defined our liberal democracies for more than 70 years," his spokesperson said, according to Britain's Press Association news agency.

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