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D-Day 75th anniversary marked by Trump and world leaders: Live updates - CNN

Donald Trump greets veterans before starting his speech.
Donald Trump greets veterans before starting his speech.  MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images

US President Donald Trump singled out another veteran, Private Pickett, describing his ordeal on the beaches at Normandy.

"And today, believe it or not, he has returned to these shores to be with his comrades. Private Pickett, you honor us all with you presence," Trump said.

Private Pickett then rose to a huge round of applause, before Trump walked over to hug him. "Tough guy," Trump said, after returning to the podium.

"Today, America embraces the French people, and thanks you for honoring our beloved dead," Trump went on. "To all of our friends and partners, our cherished alliance was forged in the heat of battle, tested in the trials of war, and proven in the blessings of peace. Our bond is unbreakable."

He turned back to US troops who took part in the Normandy landings. "They were fathers who would never meet their infant sons and daughters, because they had a job to do -- and with God as their witness, they were going to get it done."

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